I’m so happy you’ve found my site and hope you enjoy your visit.  I recently published my first novel, Forecast: Stormy with a Chance of Love and have been excited about the great response and feedback. If you haven’t read it yet, the digital version is available on Amazon for Kindle, and the print version is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million. Please stop by often for updates on the next book in the series! StormywithaChangeofLove_cover_3DMockupReader Reviews:

“Heartwarming story with endearing characters you will wish you knew in real life. Relationships blossom in the midst of common “what if” self doubts. The presence of God is engrained in the story in a way that brings belief in His powers to guide you even if you aren’t as active in your own persuits of prayer. Can’t wait for the next novel to reunite me with the characters!”~Triple A
“Really enjoyed this book, interesting uplifting read. I felt connected to the characters from the very first chapter, and I found myself wanting to know more about them. I liked how they didn’t lead perfect lives, but were able to lean on their faith during rough times. I would love to read a part two of this story.” ~Rebecca
“I totally enjoyed reading this book. Am looking forward to the next one.” ~Debi