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It’s here, it’s here! Book five of the Worth a Billion Series, Calling the Billionaire is now available on Amazon! Only $1.99 for a limited time or read it for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Was the phone call just a mistake or a second chance at love?

Emily Wilson lost her husband, Jeff, to cancer two years ago and still misses him more than anything. For the first year, she’d continued to pay his cell phone bill and would call his number late at night just to hear his voice on the outgoing message. But on the advice of her therapist, Emily ultimately canceled the cell account and got rid of everything with his number on it, even deleting it from her own contacts.

During a bout of spring cleaning two years after his passing, she finds one of Jeff’s business cards and there on the back, was his cell number. She tried not to call it, even tossed it in the trash, retrieving it again later. Eventually, she gives in, hoping the outgoing message might still be there. When a man answers who sounds suspiciously like her husband, she begins to think Jeff never died at all.

The day Duncan James turned twenty-one, he inherited a billion dollars from his grandfather’s estate and could’ve lived in grand style never having to work a day in his life, only he had other plans. He’d always wanted to be a doctor, and against his parent’s wishes, he pursued his dream.

When he answers his phone one evening, he’s surprised when a woman tells him she’s looking for her husband. Duncan assures her that he’s had the number for six months and her husband isn’t there. She calls again, and though he’s tempted to tell her to stop calling him, he finds he enjoys speaking with her and even encourages her calls. One day, she has a favor to ask and he’s happy to oblige. But when he asks a favor in return and wants to meet her, she comes up with excuse after excuse.

Will they recognize love or hang up on each other forever?

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