Reviews really mean something…

When folks leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, I don’t know if they realize what it means to the author. For me, I am thrilled that people are actually enjoying the stories I’ve written, and it encourages me to keep writing. There are days in every author’s life when we doubt ourselves and even feel ready to give up — hang up our writing pens, toss our keyboards into the trash, and cry as we tear up hard copies of our work.  Then, along comes a sweet review from a reader, and suddenly, all is well in our writing life and we head back to the keyboard. Thank you for leaving reviews for books you enjoy, and for those books you didn’t like so much, please be kind and gentle with the author.

Here are some recent reviews for the Forecast Series:


“Was patiently waiting for this second installment to come out. Was not disappointed. I love reading about these characters and can’t wait for the next one.” ~Deb (5 stars)


“I got the books and am half through reading the first one. It is wonderful!” ~Sara


“Ordered your book. My holiday pleasure.” ~Tami

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